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Internal squabble within OPP to blame for delay in its appointment

By Simon Deng

The internal squabble within other political parties (OPP) is keeping the coalition behind schedule in terms of appointment to various institutions of the 2018 peace agreement, according to Albino Akol, the spokesman.

Akol said that the opposition coalition, other political parties failed to appoint representatives to state legislative councils and also parliamentary committees over internal disagreement.

The coalition has 8 representatives in each of the state legislative council and would head three parliamentary committees and two deputies in the national revitalized d parliament 

“The reason why we are usually left out is sometime due to internal issues within OPP, OPP is composed of six signatories and these six signatories represent many parties and also we have not agreed on structure of OPP, we do not have a leader,” said Akol

Akol revealed that the Parties to the agreement are committed to implementing the agreement, noting that there are many challenges behind the delays in implementing the revitalized agreement. 

“The agreement is for many parties and for you to get many parties agreeing is not an easy task, it is not easy for parties to agree on issues, the agreement did not complete everything, there were things left to the parties for them to agree, for instance, the structure of state governments and even in the security arrangement there were issues left and the parties need to agree on them,” he said.

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