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Rise in crime, alcoholism, drugs in South Sudan’s capital Juba

By Simon Deng

Residents in Juba have appealed to the government to beef up security in residential areas following the emergence of criminal gangs, alcoholism and drug abuse that is threatening the future of the young generation.

“In Kokora Bridge at night, the criminals are always operating, at 8pm or 9pm and if you attempt to pass there and you have a cell phone, it will be taken, in Hai Malakal, Hai Cinema and other areas, the street boys are dying everyday due to alcoholism and use of other drugs,” said John Posiano, the Director of Juba Block.

Posiano revealed that Juba town block is paying money every day for burials of dead street children, noting that boys table request for money to bury the body but if they are not given the money they will leave the body in the town block.

“In southern zone there are no police personnel, there is too much alcohol and young people take drugs called “priton,” this drugs make people become mad, this issue of alcohol needs thorough work, the youth are now dying in big number,” he said.

Charles sebit, the representative of the Quarter Council said security organs are not quick to respond, noting that the issue of alcohol in the residential areas needs to be addressed by the police.

“There is lack of response by security organs when needed in urgent matters and emergency, some time when there is a problem affecting us, we call but our phone calls are not answered by the police .” Said Sebit.

Maj.Gen. Daniel Justin Buolo, the police spokesman said that the police is aware of rising crimes and drug abuse, adding that the police is working in coordination with other stakeholders to address such problems.

“We have complete plan about this involving city council and many other stakeholders, this issue of people dying is known, our plan is still in the pipeline, we expect the people also to assist because it is a joint venture, there is a role to be played by city council, civil society and us in the police,” said Buolo.

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