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Juba dispatches high-level delegation to Khartoum

By Ruot George

South Sudan’s government’s delegation travelled to Khartoum on Sunday to mediate the current political crisis in Sudan following the coupe carried out by the military late last month.

The delegation headed by the National Security Advisor to president Slava Kiir Tut Gatluak landed in Khartoum on Saturday to meet the both the military and representative of the civilians’ forces.

President Kiir’s security advisor Tut Gatluak, head of the delegation

South Sudan’s government says the delegation is trying to convince the parties in Sudan to resolve their disagreement through amicable dialogue

South Sudan’s President, Slava Kiir urged Sudan’s military leader Abdall Fatah Al -Burhan to provide space for dialogue.

Sudan is guarantor of South Sudan’s peace deal while Juba mediated an agreement between Sudan’s armed groups and the Sudan’s government that was headed by Al Burhan.

Sudanese protesters burn tyres to block a road in the capital Khartoum

South Sudan says if the Sudan’s crisis is not resolved it can become a regional problem. South Sudan’s oil passes through Sudan on its way to the international market. Juba is concerned that continuous conflict in Sudan will negatively affect oil flow,

South Sudan depends on oil money to fund 98 percent of its budget.  President Salva Kiir wants to see an end to the Sudan’s ongoing crisis

 The house of Sudan’s Prime Minister is still heavily guarded by the army.

Protests are ongoing, doctors, railway and oil workers have all joined a civil disobedience movement to try and force the military to hand over power to the civilians.

Protesters have vow to stay on the street in Khartoum and other major cities in the world until the military give back the power to civilian.

Sudan ambassador to United States told the BBC focus on Africa that “let the military stop this nonsense” after receiving a termination of his foriegn service in the mission the military.

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