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MPs call for demolition of houses on Rumbek Secondary School land to stop

Two members of the transitional national legislative assembly (TNLA) on Tuesday called on Lakes State authorities to stop the ongoing demolition of houses erected on land belonging to Rumbek National Secondary School.

Bol Joseph Agau, a member of parliament representing Yirol West County of Lakes State under the National Democratic Movement Party called for halting the demolition because several civilians have been displaced from their homes.

“I would like to urge government strongly, the demolition must stop, the demolition must be halted and the demolition must be given time to be discussed by the national ministry of general education,” Agau told The Juba Echo in an interview in Juba.

Agau said the clashes between local and security forces over Rumbek land left one person dead and several others injured.

“The demolition started last week and it is still continuing and today (Tuesday morning) it has become violent demolition,” he said.

Agau condemned the demolition which he said has left 3,000 people homeless in Rumbek town.

“We want to condemn and we want to tell our people that we stand with your agony, and we stand with you in your pain and suffering because if 3,000 houses are demolished,” he said.

 Another lawmaker representing Cueibet County of Lakes State under SPLM-IO, Juol Nhomngek Daniel lashed out at the Lakes State government over the decision to demolish the houses.

 “The government must know that citizens are not managed through force. Citizens obey laws not because of force but because of confidence that they have in law,” said Juol.

“The citizens are the one who contributes to the welfare of the state and if you destroyed the citizens, the state will be destroyed itself,”  he added.

Last week, William Koji Kirjok, Lakes State caretaker information minister said those affected were given an eviction notice in 2021, but did not heed the notice.

Koji revealed that local authorities demolished more than 300 houses illegally erected on land belonging to Rumbek National Secondary School.

On December 14th South Sudan’s central bank and Ministry of Finance announced that they were shifting to a floating exchange rate with immediate effect.

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