South Sudan Signs Oil And Gas Deal With Djibouti

Djibouti’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, H.E. Yonis Ali Guedi, and his South Sudan colleague, Hon. Puot Kang Chol have signed Memorandum of understanding (MoU) on behalf of their respective governments to heighten energy sector cooperation between the two nations.

Signed under the terms of the cooperation agreement, the deal opens doors for the two countries to magnify trade, investment and cross-border energy opportunities tilted towards regional collaboration in the oil sector.

Having penned down the deal, South Sudan petroleum minister Puot Kang chol said that the agreement is a cooperation pact between the Republic of South Sudan and Djibouti in the area of oil and gas.

“What is important is that, we are very interested in opening rooms not only for us, but to all South Sudanese. As a landlocked country, without access to the rest of the world, it is difficult to export our products abroad easily but with the MoU, we have three different export and import routes via Sudan, Kenya and now, Ethiopia through Djibouti,” Chol said.

The MoU will pave way for South Sudanese companies and all other nationals to snatch opportunities across the entire region as a result of a movement jumpstarted by Djibouti, the minister marked.

“Now that we have signed this MoU, you have the opportunity to go to Djibouti and explore the opportunities available there, as they will also do the same here. You now have the opportunity to operate elsewhere. We will be working closely with the country and encourage you to go there, identify opportunities and we will support you,” Hon. Chol concluded.

The minister added that, the MoU reiterates the country’s position as a gateway to East Africa energy, meaning the country is empowered by this blessing to share its expertise across the energy industry in pursuit of regional market development. Meanwhile Djibouti energy minister H.E.Guedi Yonis Ali stated that his country is relatively a young energy sector but tagged his hope on the potential of the MoU to activate fresh era of industry growth on the back of regional collaboration

“Djibouti is now open to the markets of east Africa and waiting for all investors to come as we have also facilitated all processes to create a free trade zone in Djibouti,” stated H.E. Guedi.

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