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Lt.Gen.Atem Marol Biar, Director General for Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport and Immigration (third Left) with immigration officials in Wau

Immigration boss warns officers over swindling revenue collection

The head of the Directorate for Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport and Immigration has ordered all officers to present reports on the collection of revenue to avoid arrest.

 Lt.Gen.Atem Marol Biar, the Director General for Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport and Immigration last week ordered his officers in the greater Bahr El Ghazal region to submit reports on revenue collection.

“We have a policy that regulate the work of the government, number one is the collection of revenue and second is the issue of temporary stay permit, all states have to present their reports including the challenges in the area of collection of revenue,” Biar said while meeting immigration officers from Lakes State, Western Bahr El Ghazal and Northern Bahr El Ghazal States.

Biar said officers in these states have been submitting revenue reports to the headquarter in Juba.

“It is very clear within the Financial Regulations and Financial Act, we have agreed that you have 5 percent, and the fine for mistakes, the money belongs to the government. Those who engage in such will be arrested and will be investigated,” he said.

Biar said that the government has a percentage in every temporary stay permit issued to foreign residents in South Sudan, adding that any immigration official involved in administrative malpractice will be jailed.

 “Concerning the temporary stay permit, there is percentage that goes directly to the national coffers and it is not reported, we want to put things correct,” he said.

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