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National Election Commission announces date for elections

The Chairperson of the National Election Commission (NEC), Abednego Akok on Friday announced that elections will be held from December 22nd to February 22nd 2025.

Akok said that they have already started preparations including the training of some electoral officials at the national level and those across the 10 States and three administrative areas.

“We have done a lot, there has been constant training of the election commissioners, we have gone to the States, and tomorrow (Saturday) those electoral commission members in the States will arrive in Juba, we will train them and then from there they will go back,” Akok told journalists during press conference held in Juba.

He disclosed that after the training of electoral officials they will commence immediately voter registration exercise.

Akok noted that majority of the public are not fully aware of the upcoming general election slated for December 2024.

“We will embark on voter registration, and all the electoral procedures will take place until we reach December and then from December voting will take place immediately,” he said.

Akok revealed that the National Election Commission is required by law to issue a notice of the holding of elections at least 6 months before the date of the election, adding that the commission members have unanimously agreed to announce the date of election.

He noted that National Election Act , 2012, amended 2023 section 16(1) provides power to the Commission to determine and announce the date for elections in accordance with the constitution and publish in the official gazette or two newspapers with nationwide circulation,

In April, the parties to the 2018 revitalized peace agreement tasked the High- Level Committee on the Implementation of the Peace Agreement to review the status of implementation the agreement, and present their report to the presidency that will then make the final decision on whether to have elections or another extension of the transitional period.

However, the High- Level Committee on the Implementation of the Peace Agreement has not yet submitted it’s report to the presidency which consists of President Salva and the five vice presidents.

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