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Veterinary San Frontiers Train 35 Local Vet Officers in two Unity State’s Counties

The Veterinary San Frontiers (VSF) field office in Bentiu conducts a 5-day training to 35 community local veterinary officers to vaccinate animals and manage zoonotic diseases in flood-affected areas.

The Director of Veterinary San Frontiers Services and Animals Resources and Fisheries Gai Chuol Badeng said the training aimed at improving the health of animals and prevent possible outbreaks of infectious and contagious diseases among the herders and consumers living in the flood-affected areas of Guit and Rubkona Counties of Unity State.

“The 5 days training will enable community animals workers to vaccinate animals, manage zoonotic diseases and some will work in the butcheries to identify sick animals before slaughtering,” Mr. Gai said.

Mr. Gai added that the ministry has instructed the local veterinary officers to be deployed and work in Guit County and Rubkona County – Rotriah cattle camps.

Meanwhile one of the community’s local veterinary officers, Mr. Peter Gatwech Tit told Juba Echo that they were taught how to inspect meat, identify sick animals before it is slaughtered, zoonotic diseases and animal vaccination.

“We are technical staff and we will manage our duties and some of us will be working to identify sick animals in the butcheries, [some] butchers are slaughtering animals without being examined in Unity State,” Mr. Tit said.

Last Month local herders in Rotriah North of Rubkona and Guit Counties requested Veterinary San Frontiers Services and the Unity State’s Ministry of Animals Resources and Fisheries to vaccinate animals against strange diseases after they encountered deaths of unknown numbers of cattle.

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