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Maj.Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, SSPDF Spokesman (L) and Maj.Gen. Daniel Justin, Police Spokesman (R) addressing media on security during Pope Francis's visit in February 2023

South Sudan beefs up security ahead of festive season

The South Sudan’s People Defense Forces and the South Sudan National Police Services on Saturday beefed up security checks around Juba in preparation for the upcoming festive season.

 Maj.Gen Daniel Justin Buolo, the spokesman for the national police services said all organized forces have been deployed in Juba to improve security.

“We are approaching Christmas, yesterday we gathered our forces, we talkd to them and we deployed them in town, this deployment is for public safety, it is about Christmas and New Year security,” Buolo told The Juba Echo on Sunday in Juba.

Buolo said that the public needs to be very vigilante and report any suspected criminals to the nearest police.

“During Christmas people are very active going to the market to buy goods and some thieves are also very active, our presence will deter them, if there are areas suspected to have arms there is no doubt we will search those areas,” he said.

Maj.Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, the spokesman for the South Sudan’s People Defense Forces said the deployment of the security forces is meant to create conducive environment for celebrating Christmas.  

“We are just beefing up security within and around Juba as we prepare for Christmas, we are keeping security forces especially in neighborhoods with known cases of criminal activities,” said Koang.

Koang revealed that the suburbs of Rock City and Hai Mauna have huge presence of rival gangsters, adding that they have deployed joint security forces to improve security within Juba.

“We are improving the security situation as our people are preparing for Christmas, we have increased the presence of security forces, we just want to ensure that our people have a very conducive environment during Christmas and New Year,” he said.

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