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South Sudan police forms committee to investigate detained criminal gang members

The South Sudan Police services have established a committee to start investigating detained
criminal gang members.
Daniel Justin Buolo, the spokesman for the South Sudan national police services said on
Wednesday that the committee is led by attorney general of Central Equatoria state.
“The operation (to arrest) criminal gang members is still ongoing and then of course there is a
committee formed under the prosecutor general of Central Equatoria state, they have started
investigation and screening and those innocently involved will be released,” said Buolo in an
interview with the Juba Echo.
He dismissed allegation that some police officers are being bribed to release some of the gang
members in jail.
“The police is very active with investigation, the attorney general sits with the team to handle
cases, we advise not to receive any payment, otherwise that money will just go, some brokers
claim that if you pay money you will be released,” said Buolo.
In November, the Inspector General of Police Gen. Atem Marol Biar directed his officers to
crackdown on criminal gangs in residential areas, resulting in the arrest of over 425 suspected
Buolo revealed that cases have been opened at different police divisions including Gudele,
Malakia, Juba, Lologo and Gumbo.
“The investigation is under the attorney general of central Equatoria state supported by 20
police officers, those who are involved in crime will face the law, their cases will go to court and
the decision will be taken by the court,” he said.

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