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Six chiefs arrested over attempted transfer of Kuom Boma to Aweil town

Six traditional chiefs are in detention over disputing the transfer of Kuom Boma in Aweil Center County to Aweil town municipality.

William Ajiing, the administrator of Kuom Boma said the Aweil town municipal officials connived to transfer the area to Aweil municipality.

 “They came and started holding a meeting with a clique of other members who claim that the area originally falls under Aweil town which the majority of people disagree with. The squabble led to the arrest of six chiefs, who told them bluntly that the area falls under Aweil Center County but not Aweil town council,” Ajing told the Juba Echo last week.

He accused the mayor of Aweil municipality of ordering the arrest of the six chiefs.

 “The collaborators made the chiefs suffer as they were tortured by police who went with the town mayor,” Ajing said.

The chiefs were fined 60,000 South Sudanese Pounds for their freedom.

Ajing said he will work with authorities in Aroyo located in Aweil Center County headquarter to resist the transfer of Kuom Boma to Aweil town municipality.

The Aweil town mayor, William Dut Mou said he was only called to listen to the concerns of the people of Kuom Boma.

“I went to Kuom Boma on the invitation of some people including chiefs, they told me a lot of issues such as the need to have a school in the area as children go to Aweil town and end up on the streets,” Dut said.

 He said he also discussed with the residents about the need to establish a primary health care center in Kuom Boma.

 However, Dut denied he had plans to transfer Kuom Boma to Aweil town municipality.

 “Infact Kuom Boma falls under Aweil town as some chiefs could attest, the main objective of my visit was to listen to the chiefs,” he said.

The transfer of Kuom Boma to Aweil town has sparked debate and tension in the area, following the annexation of Maper-Akot-aru and Udhum areas last year to Aweil town municipality.

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