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Families seek justice for South Supreme crash victims

By Adia Jildo

After 3 years of fighting, Makuei Nyang is not yet done. He wants a blood compensation for his uncle and his newly wedded wife who was pregnant.

Makuie had sent some money to his uncle to come along with his newly wedded wife for a family visit to Juba before she would be returned to her family till she gives birth.

A plane carrying 8 passengers and 2 crew-members crashed in Pieri, Uror County just minutes after taking off from Yuai Airstrip, on the 2nd March 2021.

Investigation showed the plane suffered engine failure just 10 minutes after take off and could not land due to the failure of the second engine.
The plane was not required to operate in any country as it had engine problems and outdated.

The Let L-410 UVP-E, which was sold to South Sudan Supreme airlines in 2017 and had a fake registration HK-4274 was previously owned by Aeroflot

Makuei blamed the incident to the ministry of transport for not taking responsibility, to accurately trace the background of the planes origins, its status of operation and also the insurance policy.
“It’s the responsibility of the government for accepting such planes to work here in South Sudan.”

Makeui said the fight has been tough one but never dreamt of letting it go.
“We have been following this case seriously for 3 years. We need blood compensation because in our culture someone has to be compensated.”

The family mourned but we did not forget them, how they lost their live because no one took responsibility.

The court ruled that each person be compensated with 100,000 USD, after an appeal by the lawyers of the South Supreme airlines of 170,000 USD.
The director of the South Supreme airline has come Ayii Duang Ayii said the judgment is unfair as the black book has not yet being brought back for the judge to pass such a judgment.

Planes have several times being crushing in the country with a few being followed.
Makeui said he will never give up to fight for justice an example the rest would take and the country will be vigilant of it.

“No, I have never thought of giving up. We are aware there are so many plane crushes, which were not compensated, we want show these people to compensate.
“I represent the family. I have my uncle and his pregnant wife. I want to know the reality. Nyang Chol a 48 year old had 17 children when he passed away,”
“I appeal to the ministry of transport to verify plane companies, their origin and their conditions and whether they have insurance. A team must find out the history of the plane and all the necessary steps,”

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