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Ministry of Justice launches website

The national Ministry of constitutional affairs on Tuesday launched the official an official
website through support from the UN Mission in South Sudan.
Speaking during the launch of the website, Justice Ruben Madol
Arol, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs said South Sudan has to move along
with the world to embrace e-technology.
He revealed that the development of his ministry`s website came as a result of a
resolution of the UN Human rights in Geneva.
“We have a bigger challenge than just transforming the institution and giving services to
the people, we have the urgent task of implementing the agreement and so many
people have remarked about the constitutional making process chapter 6 of the
agreement, the transitional justice mechanism and the institutional reforms across the
board but for us more importantly reforms in the security sector and the justice sector as
a priority
And that connection will determine a long time ago that is three years back that we
needed to focus on the capacities within the institution, technical support to enable us
effectively play our role in the implementation of the requirements of the agreement”
Madol said adding that
“We have been pushing and I want to say today the website that we are celebrating
today is a result of a resolution that was passed by the UN Human Rights Council in
Geneva to effect that in the course of the implementation of the agreement the UN
agencies have to provide support to the government and the people of South Sudan in
areas of the implementation of the agreement and particularly the justice sector that is
why we have to now directly thank the UN through UNMISS who are translating that
resolution into this first ever tangible support that we are receiving as ministry of Justice”
he said.
For his part, Napoleon Adok Gai, Director General for the national Communication
Authority called on the Justice Ministry to keep on updating new information on the
website and as well urged the ministry to open email addresses to all staff of the
ministry using the portal of the official website.
“The website will be a beautiful thing but comeback after six weeks and you will find out
that there are no updates it is the same thing as the day we launched it. These
expatriates among us here might leave the country and go back but they would like to
look back when and it will be embarrassing when they look back and see pictures of the
day of the launch”
“I expect from now on every official in the ministry to have their official email which will
be properly built that should be there so if any of you is using a yahoo
or Google I think you can use it for your private but for official communication with
UNMISS or Geneva your email will not be sent to junk mail”

He appealed to the justice ministry to embark on serious cyber security as any
compromise will negative affect the institution
“we ought also to make sure that whatever is there is protected, the integrity, imagine if
a document appears there that is not authorized by the ministry the disaster it will cause
people will take it and say I found it on your website”
For his part, Dr. Isaac Gabriel Awow, Undersecretary in the Ministry of justice and
Constitutional Affairs said having a website for the ministry of Justice has been
something overdue for a long period of time as in the interim period before the
independence of South Sudan in 2011, a website for the ministry was launched but did
not exist for a long.
He said the website will help the people have access to laws of the country posted on
the website as the ministry is facing problems of printing the laws.
“We are facing many challenges in the ministry of Justice especially the dissemination
of the laws, people are not getting access to the law because everybody wants to have
a hardcopy law, we are finding difficulties to print laws but now it is easier for anybody
even the public wants to know their rights so now it is good that we have this website
which can help all of us the lawyers and the public so that they have access especially
even those who are in the states” Gabriel said.
He said the development is a milestone, promising that they will maintain the website to
feed the world about the justice system of South Sudan.
“We promise that this website will be continue feeding the information about the justice
system in the while country and especially what the ministry of Justice is doing. This
website in this step we say that it is better for us to start talking bring and add this and
that, it is better for us to start talking what we have started now everybody will take the
courage to also see what is there if there is a reform, if there is” he stressed
Gabriel said they have formed a technical team which will have an office that will handle
all what relate to the website and all information and observation.

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