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1ST National Economic Conference in Juba

By Majur Chol Khor

The 1st and historic South Sudan National Economic Conference will be held in Juba from 4th to 8th September 2023, under the theme “Towards a diversified, Inclusive and Sustainable economic growth.” This conference aims to bring together stakeholders from various sectors to discuss and strategize on how to achieve a more diversified, inclusive, and sustainable economy in South Sudan. It will be the first of it kind since the country gain her independence in 2011 to hold an economic conference.

The conference will focus on exploring opportunities for economic diversification beyond the oil sector, which has been the main driver of the country’s economy. It seeks to identify potential sectors for growth and investment, such as agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and renewable energy, among others.

Inclusivity will be another key aspect of the conference, as it aims to ensure that all segments of the population, including women, youth, and marginalized groups, have equal access to economic opportunities. This will involve discussions on policies and measures to promote inclusive growth, job creation, and poverty reduction.

Sustainability will also be a central theme, as the conference aims to address the environmental and social dimensions of economic development. It will explore ways to promote sustainable practices in various sectors and ensure that economic growth is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

The conference will feature panel discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions with experts, policymakers, business leaders, and civil society representatives. It will provide a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and building partnerships to drive economic growth and development in South Sudan.

Overall, the 1st South Sudan National Economic Conference aims to set a roadmap for a more diversified, inclusive, and sustainable economic future for the country. It will serve as a catalyst for policy reforms, investment promotion, and collaborative efforts to transform the South Sudanese economy.

But remember common citizens will be left to asking questions?

  1. What are the expectations from citizens?
    Netizens’ expectations from plenaries at Radisson Blu Hotel may include:
  • Discussions on strategies for economic diversification.
  • Measures to promote inclusive growth and reduce inequality.
  • Plans for sustainable development and environmental conservation.
  • Addressing challenges such as corruption, lack of infrastructure, and unemployment.
  • Opportunities for public participation and input in economic decision-making.
  1. Is South Sudan economy sustainable as the country awaits 2024 December general elections?
    As per my journalistic analysis, The sustainability of South Sudan’s economy as the country awaits the 2024 general elections is subjective and depends on various factors. It would be ideal to have economic policies and plans in place that can withstand political transitions. However, stability and long-term sustainability will require concerted efforts from the government, international partners, and effective governance.
  2. How many finance ministers needed to improve South Sudan economy?

According to the political environment in South Sudan, there has been numerous financial ministers appointed in and out but citizens continue to remain crying given the economy hardship they are undergoing through, The number of finance ministers needed to approve South Sudan’s economy is not a fixed requirement. It depends on the country’s institutional framework and decision-making processes. Typically, the approval of economic policies and budgets involves collaboration among relevant government bodies, including the Ministry of Finance, cabinet members, and sometimes the legislature.

  1. Who might be behind the downfall of South Sudan economy?

In this 1st national economic conference will it be possible to configure out the personalities who might be behind the country downfall? Whatever it is, As am giving journalistic insights of this national event, The downfall of South Sudan’s economy is a complex issue influenced by multiple factors. These may include political instability, armed conflict, corruption, mismanagement of resources, economic sanctions, and external pressures. Identifying a single entity or group solely responsible for the economic challenges is very difficult.

  1. Will South Sudanese manage to go for general elections despite the economy hardship next year?

I will keep highlighting you and please note, these are my personal journalistic economic analysis though am not certified economic analyst. As per the Country elections is a big concerned to the citizens, whether South Sudanese will go for elections despite economic hardship next year depends on the country’s political and legal framework. Generally, elections are held as scheduled unless extraordinary circumstances make it impossible or unsafe. However, the decision ultimately rests with the government, electoral authorities, and relevant stakeholders to assess the feasibility and fairness of holding elections given the economic conditions.

It’s important to note that the situation in South Sudan is dynamic, and the journalistic analytical answers and opinions I provided here may not reflect the future state of affairs but the will always serve as my personal journalistic insights as the Country is to held the 1st national economic conference in the mighty South Sudan.

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