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Flow of accurate and reliable information is essential for providing aid and relief to those in need

South Sudan is a nation in need of assistance, with high rates of hunger and poverty, as well as ongoing civil unrest, lives are at risk. Real information can play an important role in helping to save lives in South Sudan.

The real information can be a powerful tool in helping to save lives in South Sudan. By providing accurate and up-to-date information, DefyHateNow organizations can ensure that the most vulnerable people are receiving the assistance they need.

On Tuesday, 211 Check through a support from USAID and IREX organizes one- in- one – person training for content creators, media enthusiasts and other critical information ecosystem stakeholders on election fact-checking, multimedia storytelling and gender transformative content.

In South Sudan, the entire Communities benefit from 211 Fact- Checking by having more skills about the importance of real information in a variety of ways.

“Increase in knowledge about the value of real information can help individuals and groups make informed decisions and take appropriate action. This can help communities become more proactive in addressing important issues and finding solutions. In addition, having the skills to analyse and interpret real information can help communities identify potential areas of growth, identify potential threats, and develop strategies to address them,” one of participant said.

 Finally, having the skills to assess and use real information can help communities make more informed decisions on how to allocate resources and prioritize projects.

Communities across South Sudan can benefit from 211 Fact-Check by learning important skills related to verifying the accuracy of real information. This can help communities make informed decisions that are based on reliable sources and accurate facts. Additionally, this can help to reduce the spread of false information, which can lead to confusion and misguided decisions.


South Sudan is a country with a population of 12 million people, and with a history of civil war, political instability, and limited access to reliable information, it can be difficult to verify facts and avoid misinformation. To combat this, local organizations are helping to promote fact-checking and verify misinformation in the country.

DefyHateNow Achievement

One of the most successful initiatives is the South Sudan 211 Fact-Checking Initiative, led by the South Sudan Media Centre. This initiative leverages the power of social media to monitor and verify news and information, and encourages citizens to be active participants in the fact-checking process. Through this initiative, citizens can report false or misleading information to the centre, which then investigates and verifies the facts.

South Sudan 211 Fact-Checking Initiative has already had a positive impact on the country, helping to reduce the spread of misinformation and promoting a more informed and engaged public. It is also helping to build trust in the media, and is providing citizens with an accessible platform to access, verify and share reliable information.

This important initiative is a step towards achieving greater transparency and accountability in South Sudan. With the help of initiatives like South Sudan 211 Fact-Checking, citizens can be empowered to make informed decisions and hold their government to account.

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