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SPLM, SPLM/IO parliamentary caucuses urged to cooperate
Edmund Yakani, Executive Director for the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO)

CEPO urged the public to be proactive on the use of the approved constituencies Development Funds

BY Asante  Ali

The Executive Director for Community Empowerment, Progress Organization urged the public to take the advantage of CEPO CDF Engagement program serious at their constituencies level. Especially the aspects of tracking, monitoring and reporting all stages of the CDF implementation process. CEPO will be administering the CDF intititative nationwide and various media platforms online and offline will be use to amplify and visually the implementation of the CDF in the constituencies.

“National MPs receive $15,000 each as medical allowance
CEPO is disturbed with the recent growing allowance to MPs annually as medical allowance while the implementation of the R-ARCSS is dragging due to the lack of funds. $15,000 for 550 MPs $ 8,250,000, this totally is enough for the dissemination of the R-ARCSS. Furthermore $ 8,250,000 can build two state hospitals or it covers the cost for paying civil servants salaries at the state. sincerely the allocation of national resources is not prioritizing financing of the pending tasks of the R-ARCSS for successful political transitional process in South Sudan. The allocation of the $ 15,000 per national MP shows a totally underrating of the financing of the political transitional process. Use of national revenue for personal gain is more important than the use for financing pending tasks of the R-ARCSS for genuine political transitional process through,”
He added that “It is time for the national political leadership to really prioritize the financing of implementation of the pending tasks of the peace agreement under the agreed upon extended period of 24 months ( roadmap). Clearly now the chance of adequate financing of the pending tasks of the R-ARCSS is not a priority for the Government of National unity. The government promised the public that from 15th August, 2023 the first graduated unified forces will be redeployed across the country but till now nothing was observed,”.

He revealed that there is no money. But there is money of $15,000 per Parliamentarian for 550 parliamentarians. This is a lack of seriousness and limited political commitment for financing the implementation of the pending tasks of R-ARCSS. Mr Yakani stressed

Finally, CEPO is urging the ministry of finance and planning to allocate funds for timely implementation of the R-ARCSS and separate note CEPO is urging the national parliament to ratified the national elections law amendments.

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