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Feature: Rwanda trade fair shines light on small-scale entrepreneurs

By Xinhua

KIGALI, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) — Several works of Rwandan art including paintings, mixed media pieces, and sculptures from some of the best Rwandan artists are on display at this year’s Rwanda international trade fair. The works of Alenda Kabera, a multi-talent artist are one of the highlights of the exhibition which runs until Aug. 15 at the Gikondo Expo Grounds in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital. Using a combination of techniques called “Urusobe Art techniques”, some of Kabera’s paintings provide an insight into a traditional Rwandan woman on a grinding stone, which is quite different from a modern-day woman who uses a grinding mill. His dazzling work also offers an example of how a traditional African woman was confined at home as a housewife. Kabera, who started his art career in 2019, said painting has always been his focus as an artist. “I focus on history and culture as well as society philosophy. Art is a universal language, even one who can not read, even a person with hearing disability can look at art and interpret the meaning. That is the reason I chose art,” Kabera, 30, told Xinhua from his exhibition stand. “I started from zero, getting almost no money out of art but now things are fine. In the next two years, I hope to be far ahead,” he said. Kabera, whose philosophy is to tell the world without uttering words, said he ditched a corporate job to focus on an art career. On normal days he set up his studio in the Nyarugunga sector in Kicukiro district. His composition is a combination of several techniques. He prided himself on being able to provide affordable as well as high-end pieces which he has previously exhibited at shows outside the country in places such as Mwanza in Tanzania. His works are also exhibited at the national museum in Kigali. “I live off this job alone, nothing else,” he said. “I come from a family of artisans. I grew up seeing my father doing artwork though he did not do it as a career while my mother makes ornaments. It is me who took it up as a career choice,” he said, adding his customers include hotels and private individuals, especially women. Kabera said the exhibition also offered him business connections. “I have so far received three orders. I encourage Rwandans to love art, it preserves valuable history, and its value increases with the years. People need to learn to preserve their history through art and they should not confuse art with music alone, art is broad,” he said. “I focus on African design reflecting African traditional tools, particularly pieces referencing the beauty of Rwanda and Africa,” he said. His thinking is that while art is a talent, when an artist meets with other talented artists, looking at different models is helpful to focus on such talent. To him, the exhibition is like a school, where he connects with other local and international exhibitors with different knowledge and pieces to learn from. “It makes me realize what I can correct on my part, what is missing, see the level where others have reached, where I need to put more energy,” he said. “We share ideas. I have reached an appreciable level and my art attracts many people. It impresses me when someone tells me he spotted my art piece in a certain hotel.” Rogers Cyiza, an artist from the Rwamagana District in eastern Rwanda, showcased impressive pieces painted in different colors. His range of work presents viewers with an overview of different settings from popular traditional life to the richness of everyday life and stunning portraits. One highlight is the portrait of South African icon Nelson Mandela. “It impressed me to draw a portrait of an African icon,” he said. The 25-year-old started his art career four years ago. Some pieces of Rwandan cattle adorned with sketches of beads in the horns depict Rwandan popular culture. “I create artworks good for the decoration of sitting rooms. I do different art pieces that come to my mind,” he told Xinhua. Enditem

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