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Trinity Energy Continues to Make a Meaningful Impact Through its CSR Initiatives: Extending Support to Triplet Family

Juba 02 August 2023…Trinity Energy, a leading name in the energy sector, reaffirms its commitment to social responsibility by extending a helping hand to Ann Nyoka and her triplets, donating food items, sanitary essentials and other necessities for the mother and the babies. This gesture is not the first of its kind for Trinity Energy, as the company previously supported a triplet family in Rumbek demonstrating its continued dedication to uplifting vulnerable community members.

Additionally, the company partnered with Nile Insurance to issue medical insurance (inpatient & outpatient) for the triplets and their mother for a period of one year. Beyond this, Trinity Energy will be providing the family with a monthly stipend for the remaining months of 2023 and the whole of 2024. The stipend will cover the cost of milk, feeding, and other monthly expenses.

Trinity Energy’s CEO Robert Mdeza said that, “To ensure that our CSR activities remain relevant to the beneficiaries, we have adopted a personalized approach. Through engaging in one-on-one meetings, as exemplified with the Nyoka family, we gain a profound understanding of their unique needs. This empowers us to strategically tailor our support, ensuring a lasting impact that extends far beyond the initial donation.”

“Trinity Energy remains steadfast in its dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those most in need. We are honoured to stand alongside Ann Nyoka and her triplets, extending our support to ensure the family can meet the fundamental needs that contribute to the healthy growth of the children,” added Mr. Mdeza.

Trinity Energy has been engaging in various initiatives in the country across the education, agriculture, and health sectors. To date, the company has continuously invested substantial funding in line with its commitment to drive the economy of South Sudan and meet the social needs of the members across various communities in South Sudan.

As the first indigenous South Sudanese signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, Trinity Energy’s CSR initiatives align with its commitment to actualize the foundational 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its daily operations. This endeavour aims to address crucial SDGs, including poverty (Goal 1), hunger (Goal 2), and health (Goal 3), which affect children in their early stages of life.

About Trinity Energy Limited

Trinity Energy is South Sudan’s largest privately owned independent energy company, providing its customers across Africa with reliable access to high-quality fuel products since 2012. The company holds a global footprint to structure bespoke solutions for customers with offices in South Sudan, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the United Arab Emirates, ensuring our clients enjoy versatile service, quality products, and a secure supply of vital fuel products.

Trinity Energy commits to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Our core values of accountability, transparency and ethical conduct direct our corporate processes and vision. Through these values and our commitment to furthering Sustainable Development Goals, we meaningfully contribute to a sustainable future in the markets we operate in.

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