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Two days Commissioners forum kickoff in Bor

The commissioner’s forum is being facilitated by the Civil Affairs division of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.  The commissioner’s forum is under the theme’’ promote the collaboration among the political parties in the state and in the local government.’’

A two day’s conference brining about forty Five participants including Executive directors, County commissioners, state security organs representatives, and state Members of parliament and Ministers of Jonglei state Government.

The objectives of the conference is to sensitize the county commissioners on their roles in the implementations of R-RCSS and also the to discuss the roles of county commissioners in conflict study and how to prevent conflicts.

 Speaking during the opening of the conference, The Deputy Governor and the Acting Governor of Jonglei state Hon.Jacob Akech Dengdit appeals the county commissioners and security agents to provide political space to political parties to carry out their activities as the country is preparing for general elections in 2024.

‘’We should not be saying we are implementing peace when there are still issues of restricting ourselves to access our civil populations at the grassroots. It is not a good practices and should be stop, I always feel disappointed when hearing you preventing your colleagues from other political parties to do their rallies at your localities. We south Sudanese, people of jonglei state we must to except ourselves and work together for the benefit of our people.’’

Hon. Akech Dengdid said Roadmap is the national own documents and is the only one that will pave the way to general elections and to the peaceful South Sudan.

Jacob Akech asked the commissioners to sanitize their people to understand the R-ACSS and the Roadmap.

He warns the local authorities to use the local resources to address local issues including insecurity, Health issues among others.

‘’We have resources at our counties and you are not addressing all the concerns and problems there so what are these resources use for we need you to be accountability, used them to address all the problems such that our people feels the goodness of your leadership’’

The Minster of Local government and law enforcement Agency Hon. Hoth Duol said appreciate the United Nations Mission in South Sudan for bringing the state and local government together to share their challenges and the way forward.

‘’This forum is an opportunity for all of us to dialogue and see how we all can work together for our communities. We know it is very difficult for us to come together with our MPS, local authorities but now the UNMISS have did it. So let used this opportunity to talked and share what we are supposed to do.’’

Hon. Hoth condemned the persistent violence in greater jonglei including Greater Pibor Administrative Area.

The Head of UNMISS Bor Field office MS Geetha Pious said the county commissioners forum will explore ways of addressing the issues of cattle raid, child abductions conflict among the people of jonglei and Greater Pibor Administrative area.

‘’UNMISS is ready to support the government and you the county commissioners you are the one underground there. We are need to hear your challenges and see how they can be address. Your country is preparing to conduct elections in 2024 and with that we need to have peaceful state such that those process take place. Cattle rading, child abduction among others are condemned by the law of the land and the international law, they are consider as you make use of this opportunity to present your challenges and see how they can be address such we have peaceful communities we are living.’’

Ms. Geetha appeals to jonglei state government to joint hand with Greater Pibor Authorities and work heard such that peace and unity is realize in the greater jonglei.

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