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Central Equatoria Animal Resources Minister orders closures of rampant slaughter houses

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Authorities of Central Equatoria State have ordered the closure of all rampant and unlicensed slaughter house and ordered all butchers to take their their animals to the newly inaugurated Gudele Two Central Slaughter House.

Speaking to The Juba Echo, Alex Lotiyu Elia said the order came as a recommendation by a committee formed by his ministry, headed by the Director General of veterinary Service which was tasked to go and inspect all the slaughter slabs in and around Juba.

Minister Lotiyu said the committee recommended that all the slaughter grounds are not conducive, and does not meet the said operation standard of the state ministry of animal resources and fisheries and therefore is considered as a hazard to the wellbeing and the health of the citizens of Juba.  

“Based on the recommendation of the committee, I as the minister was obligated to issue that ministerial order to suspend all these dirty slaughter grounds this is to safeguard the life of our citizens here in Juba the only slaughter house which is recently inaugurated in Gudele Two Central Slaughter House is the one that has that degree of set health safety operation standard”

“All the butchers around Juba and all these slab grounds to close them so that all the cattle are taken to Gudele Central Slaughter House for inspections before the slaughtering then after that it will be taken to the slaughter house” He said.  

Lotiyu warned of severe punishment to violators of the orders noting that very soon they will burn to ashes meat found in the market that has not been approved to be safe for consumption by the relevant authorities.

“The violators will face full consequence of the law because the lives of the citizens of Juba matters very much we cannot afford to have a dirty slaughter grounds that can cause health issues to our citizens and that can also contaminate the source of water because it the slaughter grounds are around the river, there is no hygiene and the waste are coming from there direct to the river and it contaminates the source of water” He stressed.  

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