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HWPL held YEPC Parent’s Education for Empowering Families in Rwanda -From War Victim to Good Parent

On June 30, HWPL, an international peace NGO, held ‘IPYG Youth Empowerment and Peace Class (YEPC) Parent’s Education for Empowering Families in Rwanda’ Under the theme of “Parent Education for Family Reinforcement in Rwanda,” the event was held to face the educational environment in Rwanda and to provide sustainable parental education. Through this education, the participants understood the importance of parental education, were introduced to Korean methods of educating children, and discussed the way forward for continuous parental educations in Rwanda. Rwanda has a history of genocide, which began on April 7, 1994, killing over 15% of the population in 100 days. The genocide destroyed most of the economic, social, and intellectual foundation and led to the emergence of a generation. that grew up without parents. This generation is having difficulty in educating their children because they have no educational experience from their parents, and there is no place to learn for them, so improving the educational environment for their children remains an unresolved challenge. Misago Florien, who took this education, said “This Education was very helpful to people who still suffered from Genocide trauma. They didn’t know how to teach their children because they haven’t taken care of by their parents. We appreciate IPYG for thinking about Rwanda and giving us the opportunity to learn. I cannot wait to meet you again in the upcoming Parents Education.” At the event, HWPL emphasized the importance of parental education. HWPL said that continuous parental education can encourage children’s growth and strengthen family ties, as well as lead children to actively participate in education and help them escape poverty. Jean Bosco, the Founder of Simple Servant Rwanda, said “Thank you so much for IPYG and HWPL to supporting Parents Education in Rwanda. We would like to learn more about parents education for next generation. This is for our next generation. The best teachers are the parents.” HWPL working on three peace initiatives (law for peace, alliance of religions, peace education) to achieve sustainable peace, said, it aims to conduct continuous parental education in Rwanda and plans to hold offline parental education in July. In addition, it emphasized the need for active attention and efforts from educators, youth organizations, and volunteer workers in Rwanda to conduct continuous education through locals.

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