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Charity to resume evacuation of South Sudanese from war-torn Sudan

A South Sudanese charity announced on Friday it will resume next week the evacuation South Sudanese from the war zone in the Sudanese capital.

Akoc Akuei Manhiem, Team Leader for Citizens Call for Emergency Evacuation, they were forced to call off the exercise a fortnight ago due to lack of funds.

 “We are sending next week more trucks to pick up people from Khartoum; we are going to send 20 trucks to see how many people we can evacuate. We may target more than 5000 people in the next three weeks,” Manhiem told The Juba Echo in Juba on Monday.

“We have no funds to rent more trucks to bring people. We spent like three weeks without sending more trucks because of funds,” he added.

Manhiem revealed that they plan to evacuate people from 10 locations in Khartoum mainly in Bahri, Jebarona, kereri, Hai Yusuf, shirika Nile, Kalakla and Gadaref and Medani.

One of the South Sudanese citizens trapped in Khartoum who preferred anonymity, said the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) are torturing people and raping women.

He disclosed that the continued airstrikes and artillery shelling by the SAF is killing people.

 Citizen Call for Emergency Evacuation has evacuated 6,980 people from war-torn neighboring Sudan.

South Sudan now hosts more than 150,000 returnees, including refugees who fled fighting in Sudan across the 12 border crossing points, according to the United Nations.

Brutal fighting erupted in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum on April 15 and swiftly escalated in different parts of the country.

The ongoing fighting is pitting the Sudanese Armed Forces against the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces. Both sides have accused each other of initiating the conflict.

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