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In South Sudan 10 girls are forced into marriage on weekly basis

A recent study released by Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa reveals that more than 10 girls are forced into marriage every week in South Sudan.  

This has prompted concerned women activists in South Sudan to urge President Salva Kiir to stop the widespread scourge of child and forced marriage across the country.

“We the young women and girls of South Sudan are prompted to write this letter after witnessing and experiencing gross human right violation cases of child and forced marriage that is tragically widespread in South Sudan,” Night Agnes, the chairperson for Young Women Christians Association said in an open letter to the President seen by The Juba Echo on Sunday.

Agnes called on the transitional unity government to promptly adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual and gender based violence.

 “We as young women and girls in this country deserve better treatment, support and security which can be achieved by proper and adequate implementation of laws and policies that protect our rights,” Agnes said. 

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