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Roundup: Chinese representatives voice positions at UN human rights body session

By Xinhua

GENEVA, June 26 (Xinhua) -- Chinese officials and representatives have expressed their positions during the 53rd session of the UN Human Rights Council, which runs from June 19 to July 14 this year.
   Yung See Wan Tiffany, a youth representative from Hong Kong, expressed support for "one country, two systems," which, she said, allows Hong Kong to benefit from the vast resources and enormous market of the motherland while retaining its own socio-economic system and enjoying a high degree of autonomy.
   After the implementation of the Hong Kong national security law, social stability has been restored, laying a crucial foundation for future development. "We sincerely hope the international community could continue to support and respect our views," she said.
   Yang Xiaokun, special representative for human rights affairs of China's foreign ministry, said some governments have abused the council by spreading disinformation to slander China.
   China puts people first and adheres to a path of human rights development that is in line with the trend of the times and suits its national conditions, Yang said.
   While advancing its modernization, China continuously enhances human rights protection, promotes the comprehensive and free development of its people, and has achieved accomplishments in human rights that is apparent to all, Yang said.
   Currently, Xinjiang and Tibet are experiencing sustained economic development, social harmony and stability, and the cause of human rights is in its best period in history, Yang added.
   The strong support by scores of countries to China's just position on issues related to Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong demonstrated popular approval of China's human rights practices across the globe, Yang said.
   Ambassador Chen Xu, permanent representative of China to the UN Office at Geneva, stressed the principled position on human rights issues on behalf of the Group of Friends in Defense of the Charter of the United Nations.
   Chen said that the group of countries attaches great importance to the promotion and protection of all human rights.
   Human rights are not ranked or categorized; to promote and protect human rights, countries should adhere to the principles of fairness, objectivity, transparency, non-selectivity, non-politicization, non-confrontation, respect for sovereignty and non-interference in others' internal affairs, he added.
   "We reiterate our firm opposition to double standards on human rights issues," he said.  Enditem
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