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Domestic resource mobilization needed, for LAPSSET projects to succeed

The success of the various infrastructure projects under the Lamu Port- South Sudan- Ethiopia- Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor requires countries to mobilize domestic resources.

Stephen Karingi, the Director for Regional Integration and Trade Division at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), said countries need to wean off reliance on foreign funding in order to implement the various infrastructure projects under LAPSSET.

 “We need to have domestic resource mobilization, rather than over-dependence on international aid to realize our development, for you to be able to foster domestic resource mobilization you need a private sector that is working, you need to have instruments that allow private sector to operate profitably,” Karingi told journalists during the closing of the LAPSSET high-level ministerial meeting at Radisson Blu Hotel in Juba.

 “As UNECA, one of our mandate is to foster regional cooperation for socio-economic development of Africa, you cannot foster regional cooperation without connectivity, you need to connect markets, you need to connect people,” he added.

The third LAPSSET ministerial council meeting commenced on May 17, 2023 in Juba, under the theme “fast tracking LAPSSET implementation for peace, growth, sustainable development and regional integration.

Stephen Ikua, the Director General for LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority in Kenya, said the program needs to be fast tracked, adding that private sector need to play their role besides government and development partners.

“All of us are committed, and even south Sudan is also on track, I call upon the private sector to play their own role alongside government and development partners,” Ikua said.

 “The high construction that will connect South Sudan and Ethiopia will be historical, we have to move forward faster to realize LAPSSET project dreams and benefit to the region,” he added.

Madut Biar Yel, the National Minister of Transport, said that South Sudan’s minister of finance Dier Tong Ngor has been directed to consider LAPSSET program as central to the national budgeting process.

“The objective of LAPSSET program is regional integration and Africa integration, the minister of finance and planning should ensure that LAPSSET project are at the core of our national plan and budgeting and provide adequate funds for its implementation,” Yel said

“All ministries and agencies with investment stakes in the LAPSSET project have to prepare integrated plan for implementation in partnership with our development partners and private sector,” he said.

Starting at Lamu, Kenya, the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor Program, is the region’s largest and most ambitious infrastructure project, bringing the three countries together with key projects that include ports, highways, railways, oil pipeline and airports.

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