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Central Equatoria Governor, Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony [Photo: By Press Unit in Office of Govern]

CES Gov,t calls on gang members to quite the gang groups

By Adia Jildo

The governor of Central Equatoria State Emmanuel Adil Anthony has called on gang members to quite the gang groups ahead of his massive crack down.

This came when he was addressing the people during his peace tour in Kator on Wednesday saying they should surrender before security patrol gets crack them.

“I am giving space to those who will denounce the gangs, Let them surrender and they will be made to stay home,” he said.

Emmanuel Adil Anthony said those who parents who are always going to bail their children when arrested have a high chance of be arrested as well since they are the ones motivating their children to continue with the act.

“I heard that there people who coma to bail out their children, friends when they are arrested, we shall arrest you too,” he assured.

He said it’s the responsibility of the parents to make sure their children are brought up in a rightful way but rather if they are not then the government will take hold of them to reform services far away from their parents.

 “If I take your children far, they will be made to work in the farm, we are not going to kill your child.”

He called on parents to report their children or even surrender them to police if they are worried of the child’s behaviors and situation.

During an interview with Juba Echo last week, the mayor of Juba city Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu said most gang group formation is due to family neglect as most are school drop out while other come from wealthy families and are easily bailed out when they are arrested.

“Most of the parents come to us to release or for them to bail them out forgetting that they are causing havoc in the area,” he said.

The Mayor said there is need for a collective responsibility for the parents, government and stakeholders to come together to transform them into innovators, entrepreneurs.

Last year, the mayor of Juba city Micheal Allah-Jabu launched a search, war against the gang arresting over 800 in total till this year.

He however said, the crack down has however help but has not stop the act or crimes of the gangs since new groups are formed.

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