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Bahr el Ghazal University postponed exam a head of strike

By Adia Jildo

The staffs of the university of Bahr el Ghazal to lay down tools on Thursday as government have allegedly failed to listen to there complain of salary arrear payment.

They said had gone on strike last week demanding their 2 months arrears cleared, annual air ticket and their request for staff training to be adhered to.

 “Last Thursday, we held a meeting in the general assembly where we gave the government three day ultimatum for them to pay our salary. Tomorrow Thursday we are going on strike,” the teaching assistance in the colleague  veterinary science Christopher Odongo said.


Odongo said some colleages that had started their exams will not be able to sit for their exams tomorrow.

“We gave them ultimatum since last week and today is the date line. There has been no response from the government till today whether the ministry of higher education or the ministry of finance in regards to this,” he said.

Odongo said the continuous strike by public universities has greatly affected the curculicum as the students were supposed to finish their exams and start a new academic year in May.

 “New students were to start learning in June. The exams ends in June alone side supplementary,” he said. “We are suffering. For one to come to the university from home and we (lecturer) needs transport to reach here, your family needs something to survive on and how will you get if you are not being paid.”

He said several calls on government have not yield fruits hence their actions to lay down tools.

He called on the ministry of higher education to respond to their demands.

James Jok a student in the university of Barh el Ghazal said the act of strike has affect their calendar as exams are postponed reducing student participation and rate of passing exams.

“Some students are even losing interest. In a year you get at least 2,3 strikes. What does that mean,” he questioned.

Jok called on the staffs to value them as they are suffering the same situation with lecturers.

“We have been trying, pushing harder and harder to make sure our lectures and our exams are given in time but still the situation does not favor,” he said.

He urged the government to sit with the administration and settle with the stuffs their demands so that they are able to catch up with the exams and the new year calendar.

The minister of higher education Changson Chang on his part side that they will address the issue immediately with the higher education staffs the next day.

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