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Teachers strike over wage reductions

Teachers marking examination for primary leaving certificate have strike on Tuesday afternoon after their wages were reduced by 15,000 south Sudanese pounds to 20,000 South Sudanese pounds per week.

Unanimous source disclosed that they were given a verbal contract of payment of a sum of 35,000 South Sudanese Pounds per week.

“Our agreement last week that 35,000 SSP would be paid per week. The next week agreement was also going to be the same amount. When we came today, we were to be paid. When they came with the money, they told us that the contract was changed and was going to be 20,000 SSP not 35,000 SSP,” he said.

He said on disagreement, they decided to down their tools unless their voices and concern were heard.

The marking that had just started has just entered its second week when the markers strike.

About 6220 teachers are marking the examination primary leaving certificate that was done last months.

He called on the authorities to stick to there promises as they had already started doing their work.

Another marker also said they were disappointed of the act by the examination marking supervisors.

“We had an agreement that the exams was going to be marked on daily basis and there for transport and wages were going to be 35,000 South Sudanese pounds. The first weak was fine, then after the whole week, we were supposed to get the same amount but we got surprised that the money was 20,000 South Sudanese pounds,” he said.

He called on the ministry of general education to speak about the act and explain the changes that happen.

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