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Youth coalition gathers views on Communication Act

South Sudan Youth Organization Coalition (SSYOC) has challenged young people to contribute positively to society by sharing and expressing their ideas in the national policy reforms.

On March 21, South Sudan Youth Organization Coalition (SSYOC) through Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD started equipping youths on policy reforms seminar to review National Communication Act 2012.

Peter Malir Biar, the Executive Director at Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD) who’s the chairperson of youth coalition said the review process was critical for the citizens, as it will provide the young people with the opportunities to re-energise and focus on national building.

“We came together as a youth coalition to be able to review the national communication act, which is a provision of the laws of South Sudan,” he explained. 

“The National Communication Act is a document that governs the communication system in the country, and as provisions of the revitalized peace agreement require all the acts to be reviewed by a national constitutional amendment committee, we are mandated as youth to be able to contribute our views to the permanent document that will guide the country later,” he added.

According to Malir, if people are aware of the laws, they will question their leaders about the services that they are supposed to receive.

He stated that the National Communication Act is a critical bill that guides the delivery of communication guidelines in the country and that South Sudanese benefit from such communication devices.

Mobile phones, radios, the internet, and televisions are regulated by the Communications Act.

“These are the things that South Sudanese people must be aware of: what they are for, what purpose they serve, and how those systems are delivered through law.”

“So, we’re trying to contribute and gather youth voices to help develop a good document and how the document can deliver the interests of people in South Sudan, particularly when it comes to tariffs, the internet, and other issues,” Malir stated.

The event implemented by South Sudan Youth Organization Coalition (SSYOC) was funded by Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) through Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD).

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