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New Infant Milk Formula Introduced in South Sudan

A new brand of milk for infants has been introduced for consumption on the market in South Sudan.

The Swiss range Primalac Ultima was unveiled yesterday by Phamalys Laboratories in Juba, South Sudan Allied Consultants and the SSPA-South Sudan Sudanese Pediatric Association.

According to Susan Muortat, the Country Manager of Pharmalys laboratories, bringing in the new Infant Formula Milk shows commitment of her firm’s responsibility and sustainability in all its activities.

The formula helps in supporting the development of the next generation in a country of massive malnutrition.

“We have many babies formula in the market but this one is a unique one because it’s in high quality and well researched and it can help babies- the product has good quality,” a former Deputy Minister of Finance, Mou Ambrose who heads the South Sudan Allied Consultants said at the event.

Primalac Ultima is a new generation formula produced in accordance with the latest European directives and latest scientific research, Phaamalys Laboratories confirmed.

Describing the unveiling as historic, Ambrose said it will help many children and as well reduce malnutrition “because it’s the best food for children.”

He urged the government to invest more on child care by providing them with good infant formula to address malnutrition.

“Prevention is better than cure, so there is a need for the children to be taken care of,” Ambrose said.

“The government should invest more on child care and decision makers should make a budget for childcare.”

Ambrose also questioned food provisions by the government and nongovernmental organizations noting that mostly they target adults.

Primalac Ultima is being imported from Switzerland but plans are underway to ensure local production in future, he said.

He castigated the use of cattle for dowry only other than other uses including providing high quality milk for children.

Pediatrician Dr. Justin Bruno Tongun, an Assistant Prof. Pediatric and Child Health and Consultant Pediatrician described Primalac Ultima as “high standard” and but also encouraged mothers to focus much on breastfeeding of their children.

He said breastfeeding helps prevents breast cancer in mothers too.

Mary Gordon, the Chief Executive Officer of the South Sudan Bureau of Standard said the high quality milk has impressed her organization.

While also noting breastfeeding as the best formula Gordon said the product will come in handy in several occasions, citing its easing feeding difficulties for like children who lost their mothers or those who cannot be able to breastfeed.

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