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Lawmakers condemn killing of 10 people along Nile River

Six members of National Legislative Assembly have condemned the killing of ten people on a boat-loaded with commercial goods between Juba and Mangala.

 Badit Dak, a member of parliament representing Leer County of Unity State, said that they condemn in the strongest terms the incident because there is no need for innocent lives to be lost.

“Ten people were killed and one survived, as people representatives in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) and the Council of States (CS), we condemn this heinous, barbaric and cowardice act in the strongest term possible,” Dak said during press conference held in Juba.

The boat which was carrying commercial and humanitarian items to Adok-port of Unity state came under ambush on Tuesday, along the riverbank of Kondokoro by unknown gunmen.

The MPs are calling for an immediate investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Dak urged the security forces to protect the lives of civilians and their properties by establishing a special force to dismantle the illegal checkpoints along the Nile River.

 “We urge the state government and the national government at the same time and the security organs to look for these criminals and bring them to book as soon as possible so that the law takes it’s course,” he said.

Dak narrated that the ill-fated boat started the journey around 2 PM at Gabat and later on got stuck because of the shallowness of the river.

“When that happened, those criminals came and asked for assistance and the assistance was given to them by the passengers, after they were given the assistance they needed, they were given money and some items, and then after moving a distance they shot at those on the boat,” he disclosed.

Dak said that there is no need for people to lose their lives again since the President declared this year as the year of peace.

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