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Melut community benefits from 3% oil revenue share                                                                                       

Melut Community benefits from 3 percent oil share to fund education, health and infrastructure development in oil-producing Counties.

This was revealed by James Odhok, the Governor of Upper Nile State during the launching of the Melut Community report on 3 percent oil share in Juba on Saturday.                                                

“The development in form of infrastructure and education made by Melut development committee in partnership with Melut County authority is praiseworthy, all counties that receive 3 percent oil share need to set out development plans as it is in Melut,” Odhok said.

He disclosed that 13.7 million U.S dollars for the year 2021-22 was allocated to fund infrastructure, health and education in Melut.

Odhok said that education received 1.5 million dollars and the rest of the budget went to financing infrastructure, health, clean water, peace and security, electricity and humanitarian support.                                                                                                                

  “We want the same development to move from Melut to Malakal because Malakal has been devastated, we want counties that receive the 3 percent to take development serious because development is part of peace,” he said.

He said the state government’s main objective is to achieve security.

Deng Joh Angok, the Commissioner of Melut County said they have improved welfare of teachers in the county.

He said they are supporting teachers in two primary and secondary schools respectively.

“Our plan is to bring change, we are working to have good education, in Melut students do not pay school fees and we have employed over 170 professional teachers,” Angok said.

Angok said teachers are paid 300 dollars as salary and another 300 dollars in allowances.                                                                                                

In addition, he said they are supporting over 200 undergraduate students and 17 post-graduate students hailing from Melut.           

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