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Two arrested in connection child Abduction

By Adia Jildo

Two women have been arrested in connection with child abduction from Juba to Kuda of Dollo Payam by security personnel in Juba county.

The 6 month old baby was taken from their home compound by Mary Naduro who had stayed in the home as a visitor for a while.

“Mary Naduro who left Juba with a child on a motorbike was arrested at Kuda Check point by security person. She was allegedly found to be in connection Sadia Samuel with whom were brought by the security together to the Kuburi haboba police station,” said the director of Dollo Payam Peter Modi Emmanuel.

Peter Modi Emmanuel warned of child abduction by people for their unknown reasons and called on the community and security personnel to be vigilant on the situation of human trafficking and child abduction.

Majier Mayen Malual Deng the Payam administrator of commando division said the woman was with 6-month-old child when was arrested after suspicion by security of not being the mother of the child.

“Our soldiers got concerned when the woman was holding a 6-month crying baby. They arrested the woman and after 2 hours, there was a report that came that there was a missing baby,” he said.

He said on inquiry, the alleged trafficker said she was in connection with a woman who had ordered for a delivery for a child to boost her business.

“South Sudanese should be vigilant. We have never heard that a child has been trafficked. You must know who you neighbor is and how you live with them,” he called.

Eunice Keji, the mother of the trafficked child said the child trafficker took advantage of the situation after being hosted in the family.

“She told me, Mama Wani, let me sleep here. She stayed for 4 day and on the 5th day she said she was going to the take coffee at the neighbor’s place. She later told the neighbors that she was going to buy airtime when she disappeared and I was informed by the children in the area that she left with the child,” she narrated.

The accused trafficker said she was paid 250,000 for abducting a child at first last year when she did a deal.

“She told me if I got another child, I should bring her the child and she would pay so, I got this one and I was caught before I could deliver it,” she narrated.

Mary said she was in connection with some personnel who were involved in the crime.

“There is nothing that shows that I worked with her. She paid me when I delivered the package to her and nothing else”

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