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Some of the vandalized property are seen in Cumel payam.

Youth vandalize Payam property in Aweil West County

By Hou Akot Hou

Angry youth of Cumel payam in Aweil West county of Northern Bahr El Gazal state on Wednesday broke into the payam premises and burnt down office stationery.

Kiir Longar, the Cumel payam administrator told Juba Echo on Thursday that the youth were angered by the decision of payam authorities to erect their office in a playground they use for sports activities.

 “They burnt down everything and we have been thinking to address their issue. Everything is in ashes, nothing left,” Longar said.

Malong Liai, the chairperson of youth in Cumel payam distanced himself from the vandals.

 “The youth have not contacted us as the body of the payam leading them. They have taken the law into their hands, and this is unlawful and we condemn it,” Liai said.

Liai added that the aggrieved youth should have first sought audience with their leaders before engaging in unlawful acts.

By press time, local authorities said they had not yet arrested any of the youth responsible for the destruction of payam property.

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