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Minister of Public Service, Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro speaks during the opening of on-day Tukul talks in Juba on Tuesday [Photo by Awan Achiek]

Youth beware of political manipulation, says Bakasoro

The Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro on Tuesday cautioned youth to avoid being manipulated by politicians for their personal gains.

“Youth must be very careful, youth are being deceived to fight either because the youth are illiterate or they are ignorant,” Bakosoro said during the opening of the Tukul talks organized by the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation in Juba on Tuesday.  

Bakosoro appealed to youth across the country to reject tribal politics and embrace unity.

“Youth should love each other, live together and stop these tribal politics and open a new chapter. You should reconcile with those who wronged you,” he said.

He advised the young people to be united and actively participate in the development of the country.

“In order to build bridges among ourselves, first you must accept each other; let us accept that we are living in diversity,” Bakosoro said.

He further cautioned graduates against being deceived to take up arms against the government.

“All the graduates of diploma, degree, masters and Ph.D. mobilized and they went to the bush to fight the government. In which country have you even heard graduates form a rebel movement?”

Bakosoro said rebels over the world are mostly made up of illiterate people.

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