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CES direct security personnel to drive away cattle in Kajo Keji

By Adia Jildo

Central Equatoria State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony direct security personal to drive away cattle in Kajo-Keji by saying that there will be no more negotiation with cattle herders in Central Equatoria citing its failure to bear fruits.

earlier, over 25 people were allegedly killed by cattle herders in Kajo Keji on the eve on the pilgrimage visit of Pope Francis.

“The time for negotiation is over, I am tired of talking to the herders now. If we talk, it brings killings,” he said.

According to Adil, a joint committee comprising of the commissioners, advisors and security personnel had just returned from taking to the herders when the incident of the killing happened.

He assured the community of the movement of the herders off the county as the presence have led to loss of lives, displacement of thousands form the village.

“The herders will go. Enough! Of what they have done to the people of Kajo keji,” he said.

Adil said several dialogues had been had between the herders which later had started moving but returned aback to the villages.

“We shall move from one place to another until these cattle all move out of here,” he said.

Adil said the death that happened in the cattle camps were not acts committed by the community but rather those unknown people who had issues with the herders and the community which forced the herder to show their grievances of the wrong people.

 He further showed his solidarity to the people of Kajo Keji over their loss calling it a loss to South Sudan as a nation.

He assured of using security personnel to drive away cattle and their herders from Kajo Keji.

While the commissioner of Kajo Keji Phanuel Dumo despite several dialogue with cattle herders, all efforts have gone in vain.

“The same people who were escorted are the ones who are terrorizing the farmers. These cattle must leave Kajo Keji immediate and Central Equatoria as a whole,” he called.

He called on the government to take necessary measures to enable citizens are safe as they safety in their villages.

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