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six peoples killed in Gondokoro

By Adia Jildo

The Central Equatoria State government confirmed that at least six people have been killed in Gondokoro to cattle herders on Wednesday.

yesterday, The governor of Central Equatoria Emmanuel Adil confirmed the loss of lives of 6 people in Gondokoro to cattle herders on Wednesday.

“It’s true, there are people who are ruling the cattle herders. We have taken as swift measures since yesterday,” he confirmed.

Adil has however cleared waves stating that calm has return and on a swift action of making the herders evacuate the region within a 72-hour ultimatum.

“This morning there are forces that have been taken there to Gondokoro, tomorrow, next tomorrow they will be on their way to Jonglei,” he said

He said cattle has been a major problem as their movement needed time to make sure they fully evacuate the area.

“We have teams on the ground which includes security personnel together with community members from Jonglei,” he said.

The commissioner of Juba county Charles Joseph Wani has said 6 people have been killed in the area of Gondokoro of Tibari.

“6 people have been killed, the situation in Gondokoro and Tibari is calm and right now the government is taking its effort too much to make sure that all these cattle out of the territory of Central Equatoria,” he said.

He said security issue should only be gotten from the government sources and not social media citing it’s a source of disinformation.

“Right from Lokiliri, Lirya and to Lobonok and now we are winding up with Lobonok. Soon or later within the period of 2 days, we will make sure that all these cattle will be emptied within Mangala payam,”

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