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Ter Manyang, Executive Director of the Center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA), a human rights advocacy

Activist calls for dialogue among warring communities of Jonglei, Pibor

The warring communities of Jonglei State and Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) have been urged to hold dialogue in order to resolve the recurring conflicts.

 This was proposed on Wednesday by Ter Manyang Gatwech, the Executive Director for the Center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA) in an interview with Juba Echo in Juba.

“For a durable solution there is a need to conduct Dinka-to-Dinka dialogue, Murle-to-Murle dialogue, and Nuer-to-Nuer dialogue, and therefore, bring all of them together to share the resolutions,” said Manyang.

He urged the political elites and intellectuals in Juba to push for efforts to bring these communities to hold dialogue.

His remarks came in the aftermath of violence which broke out since December 24th between Lou-Nuer youth and Murle community in GPAA.

The fighting caused death of more than 57 people and displaced more than 40,000 from their homes.

Manyang suggested peace dialogue be conducted at village level rather than in conference rooms in towns.

 “Those dialogues should not be conducted in Bor or other towns but in the villages to bring together local chiefs, women, youth, community, and other leaders,” he said.

He said that the conflict between the two communities has benefits some politicians competing for power and resources in these areas.

 “Communities and key elements within the central government who benefit from the conflict should be discouraged,” said Manyang.

Manyang also alleged that the UN Peacekeeping mission (UNMISS) has failed it’s mandate of protecting not protecting civilians in Jonglei and GPAA.

“UNMISS has failed to protect the civilians in the country, Resolution 2625 (2022) gives them a mandate to protect the civilians. What happened in Greater Jonglei is clear evidence they have failed to protect the civilians,” he said. 

He added that UNMISS has abdicated it’s role of monitoring, investigating, verifying, and reporting on abuses and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMISS Nicholas Haysom, told journalists last week that they will carry out human rights investigations to document violations.

“UNMISS has also been carrying out human rights investigations, to document violations in GPAA and Jonglei. The mission is considering setting up additional Temporary Operating Bases in the area to project a greater level of security and deter further violence,” said Haysom.

“From the perspective of the mission, we will be continuing to highlight the prospect of accountability for those who have participated in these acts,” he added.

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