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David Ngiro,the Chairperson for Murle Youth Association

Pibor community denies attack on Uror County of Jonglei State

The Murle Youth Community Association in Juba has dismissed allegations of youth from Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) attacking and killing civilians in Uror County of Jonglei State.

David Ngiro,the Chairperson for Murle Youth Association said the attack on January 1st that left three people dead in Uror was not committed by Murle youth as alleged.

“With regards to that accusation, it is surprise to hear such information that our youth have carried out attacks in the area of Uror. The White Army is the one carrying out attacks in the area of Pibor especially Lekuangole and Gumuruk County,” Ngiro told The Juba Echo in Juba on Thursday.

Media reports have been alleging that the Uror killings occurred in retaliation for the violence that erupted on December 24th in GPAA.

Armed youth from Jonglei State attacked Lanam village and Gumuruk in GPAA leaving 57 people killed and several houses torched.

Ngiro claimed that fighting continues unabated in Lanam, Gumuruk and Lekuangole areas of GPAA.

“The situation is still tense because the attackers are still in the area,” he said.

Gatluak Wreath Wuol, the Chairperson of Uror Youth Association in a statement said several villages in Uror County blamed the attack on New Year on Murle youth.

 “The Murle bandits attacked two areas, the attackers killed one herdsman in the process and raided 46 heads of cattle in Thoardiok Boma of Pieri Payam, while another 75 heads of cattle were raided in the same day in Partet Payam of Uror County,” said Wuol.

He further alleged the Murle also killed four herdsmen in Chuaidokindit village and looted 1,350 heads of cattle.

The intercommunal fighting between Murle community and those in Jonglei State has been occurring over the past years since independence of South Sudan.

The violence is often characterized by cattle raiding, revenge killings and child abduction.

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