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Abyei urges army to establish buffer zone between Abyei and Warrap State

The Spokesperson of Abyei Administrative Area Ajak Deng Miyan has urged the leadership of South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) to establish buffer zone between Abyei and Twic County of Warrap State.

His request came in the aftermath of the killing of 13 people by armed men on January 2nd this year.

“There was an attack in the village called Rumamer where 13 people lost their lives including three women and one girl, so that was on the 2nd of this month on Monday, and this has been continuing all the time ,” Deng told the Dawn by Phone on Wednesday.

He said that their appeal to the national government is to deploy troops to protect vulnerable civilians.

The attackers also looted cattle and burnt down houses.

Deng said that currently calm is slowly returning to the village following intervention of the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA).

“The government is saying they are trying, and troops are now assembling in Agok but they are not deploying along the border,” he said.

UNISFA said in a recent statement that its troops are currently patrolling the area to prevent further attacks.

It added investigations have been launched to uncover the circumstances that led to the attack.

“A combined armed group of Nuer and Twic Dinka launched an early morning attack on the Rumamer village, 15 kilometers South of Abyei Box, killing thirteen persons and injuring five others (all Ngok Dinkas) while some 27 houses in the village were burnt down,” said the peacekeeping force.

UNISFA acknowledged patrolling the area to locate the remaining attackers and prevent any further attacks.

 “They (peacekeepers) are also protecting the Rumamer village and facilitating the return of local civilians who fled their homes. The troops have been put on high alert in the general area where the incident occurred,” it said.

The Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization Edmund Yakani, strongly condemned the attack, adding it’s clear violation of human rights.

Yakani said this incident indicates that armed youth from cattle herders across the country are increasingly undermining the constitutional function of the government on protection of civilians and application of rule of law.

“President Salva Kiir should take responsibility for ascertaining his constitutional obligation for holding individuals or groups of persons that are under the constitutional obligation of the government,” he said.

Yakani accused some indiscipline politicians, military leaders and traditional leaders for arming and encouraging youth to wrack havoc.

He added that the Rumamer incident and the recent violence in Gumuruk and Mangala exposes existing security loopholes that need to be fixed by the transitional unity government.

“CEPO is observing a growing trend of state leadership failure in delivering its constitutional obligations on ensuring peace and stability in the country.  As long as the country’s leadership is not taking pro-active and functional role in punishment of its members that are effectively engaged in fueling deadly and inhuman violence, the civilians will continue facing gross human rights violations in various form,” said Yakani.

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