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Pibor parliamentary caucus calls for humanitarian assistance amid food crisis

Pibor parliamentary caucus in the national legislative assembly and council of states has called on humanitarian agencies to provide urgent assistance to mitigate food insecurity in Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA).

“We therefore, call upon the national government, regional and international community and humanitarian agencies to scale up their intervention and response quickly to rescue the people of GPAA in this horrible situation,” said a statement signed by 11 legislators on Monday.

Some of the notable signatories included,Taban John Ngaruben and Khamis Ismail Konyi from the council of states, and Bangot Amum Akech and David Yau Yau from the TNLA.

This comes after the recent attack in Gumuruk,Lekuangole,and Verteth counties of GPAA by armed youths from Jonglei state.

The fighting between Lou-Nuer youth of Jonglei and Murle of GPAA since December 24th left more than 57 civilians killed and displacement of over 42,000 people mainly women and children.

 “We the honorable MPs representing GPAA in the revitalized transitional legislative assembly are calling for the peaceful coexistence among all the warring communities of Greater Jonglei, and GPAA to embrace unity and tranquility in our respective communities,” it said.

The law-makers urged the national government and humanitarian agencies to work tirelessly, around the clock, and on multiple fronts to provide the newly displaced civilian population with critical supplies and services.

“The rebels have attacked the areas of Lekuangole, Gumuruk and Verteth counties, where they have displaced 7,716 households which represent 42,440 individuals more specifically women and children. The affected population is in dire needs of humanitarian assistance in the provision of non-food and food items,” it further said.

The violence also left many houses torched and properties looted.

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