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Court sentences NSS officer to death for killing wife, suspected lover

The high court in Juba has sentenced National Security Officer Bobby Longar Akok, to death by hanging for killing his wife and a man he suspected of being her lover.

High Court Judge Alexander Sabor, while reading the final verdict, said Longar has been found guilty of murder under Section 206 of South Sudan`s Penal Code Act 2008.

Sabor said that Longar has been sentenced to death by hanging for violating Article 206 of the Penal Code 2008.

He recommended to the higher authorities that the sentence be rescinded from death sentence by hanging to life imprisonment.

“The convict has gone through a lot of provocation in his life. Although Longar practiced brutality in killing the two deceased, he underwent accumulated provocations from the wife and her boyfriend,” said Sabor.

He said that although he sentenced Longar to death by hanging, he appeals to the confirmation authorities to change the death sentence by hanging to life imprisonment.

Longar was convicted for the murder of his wife and her presumed lover in June this year at the Bedouin Hotel in Juba.

Court had on Monday given the families of the two victims a chance to consult on whether to choose blood compensation or the death penalty.

However, the families of the victims on Friday asked court to sentence Longar to death by hanging.

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