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Self-proclaimed prophet, Abraham Chol [Photo by Awan]

Abraham Chol’s church splits into two factions over doctrine

 Prophet Abraham Chol’s Kush International Church has split into two factions after the latter’s pronouncement equating himself to God.

Our source who happens to be a pastor in the church who did not want to divulge his names, told The Juba Echo on Thursday that they who are opposed to the doctrine of the charismatic, but controversial Chol are the true believers in Cush International Church.

He said those following the embattled Chol currently incarcerated are now under Cush Kingdom Church due to the fact that their leader anointed himself God.

“Our problem is the worship, there are people who worship King Abraham Chol at Cush Kingdom International Church and those worship Jesus Christ at Cush International church,” said the source.

Chol, 55 was this week found guilty, and sentenced to three-year imprisonment  by a special court for disturbing peace of President Salva Kiir following his announcement in July last year that both Kiir and his First Vice President would be ousted from power.

Curiously, his announcement came at the time when People’s Coalition for Civil Action (PCCA)-a pressure group was also calling for popular street protests to oust the transitional unity government from power.

“Those worship him believe that Cush is a kingdom, and they are now operating as a kingdom in Nyakorun West, and for us we believe that Jesus Christ is the lord and we are now operating in Rock City at Cush International Church,” said the source.

“Cush is now divided into two, there is Kingdom for Abraham Chol and his group, and there is Cush International church for those who believe in Jesus Christ and we want the public to know that,” he added.

Jeremiah 23:1 says: “Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture!” declares the LORD”.

A divided church leaves the sheep scattered in disarray.

The sourced intimated that they who remain in Cush International church disagreed with the new doctrine imposed by Chol to worship him.

“We are not denouncing Abraham Chol from the church but he declared publically that he is not a Christian but kingdom, and the church cannot be led by non-Christian,” he added.

 He said that prior to the split, the leadership of the church had on January 1st issued suspension letter to Chol while he was still incarcerated. Chol never received the letter because he was never released from prison.

The cracks within the church hierarchy first surfaced in 2020, when Chol imposed his new doctrine on the worshippers.

 “He (Chol) changed from Cush International Church to Cush Kingdom International, and he himself became king from Prophet, then he continued up to 2021. He says we are no longer Christians but Cushite and also that Jesus Christ is finished and he is now the God sent to the Cushite,” said the source.

Cush International Church was founded in 2007 by Chol with it’s vision based the book of Isaiah chapter 18.

 The church is registered with the Evangelical Churches of South Sudan and the Directorate of Religious Affairs.

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