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NSS officer Longar Akok found guilty of murdering his wife

The high court in Juba on Monday found a national security service officer guilty for shooting his wife and her suspected lover dead in June at the Bedouin Hotel this year. 

Alexander Sabor, the high court judge said court found the suspect Bobby Longar Akok guilty of murder under Section 206 of South Sudan`s Penal Code Act 2008.

“This court reached a conclusion that the accused has not benefited from any of the defenses mentioned in Section 210 Penal Code Act 2008, and I found the accused guilty and convict him of murder under section 206 penal Code Act 2008,” he said.

 Longar is believed to have killed his wife and a police officer he suspected of co- habiting with her.

The Judge adjourned the sentencing of Longar and gave the families of the victims’ time to agree on whether the latter should serve jail time, death sentence or agree on blood compensation. 

The next court session is scheduled for 23rd December when the sentence will be announced.

Tong John Clement, Lawyer Representing the late Rebecca Anyon Kot wife of Longar welcomed the court verdict.

“The judgment was positive and expected due to the fact that the killing was inhumane, degrading beyond any evil thing anyone can do to a human being like him or her. The judgment came in time, the family had been waiting, and today they have heard the judgment in which the accused was sentenced,” said Clement.

“The only thing that is remaining now is for the two families to decide the fate of the accused in which whether he should be hanged or they are going to forgive him or they want compensation. These are the options that the law gives to the family of the victim,” he added.

According to prosecution evidence obtained by the court, Longar gunned down his wife Rebecca Anyon and a man identified as Akech Manut in June when he found them seated together at a pub.

Longar is said to have killed shot his wife with four bullets and the other young man with five bullets which the judge found to be premeditated murder.

He also shot another woman, who was left fighting for her life according to the police.

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