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Educationists decry poor working condition for teachers

Thousands of teachers have gone several months without salaries amid challenging conditions they persevere to work in across the country.

Now education experts upon concluding three-day conference on domestic financing for education in Juba, said on Thursday that the current appalling condition need to be fixed by the government.

Elijah called on policy makers to commit to improving conditions for teachers through the establishment of national teachers services commission.

He said the commission will deal with human resource, employment and training and development of the teaching profession.

In addition, Elijah suggested development of  policy framework for public participation in the budget process throughout the budget cycle, adding that this will promote a bottom-up approach to budgeting which has the potential to capture the real issues affecting education as opposed to the current top- down approach.

“Deeply concerned about the appalling condition of the education sector and teachers in our country, the overwhelming role and contribution that teachers, volunteers, community play in advancing education in our country, it is the responsibility of government and the mandate bestowed upon the presidency to take lead in promoting access to inclusive and equitable quality education,” said Akoi Elijah, the liaison officer for Action for Children Development Foundation.

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