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Teenage boy dies in a friendly boxing match in Koch town

A 14-year old boy has been ordered by local authorities to pay 55 heads of cattle to the family of another teenager he boxed to death in a friendly match in Koch town of Unity State.

 Daniel Deng Mayiel, the spokesperson of the Koch County commissioner told Juba Echo on Friday that incident that occurred in football ground of Bargok area was not premeditated murder as the two boys were engaged in friendly boxing match.

Mayiel disclosed that Gordon Koang Biel, the Koch County Commissioner ordered the family of Condok Makuach Malual to compensate Nhial Gatgueng Gatjang’s family for the loss of their son during the friendly boxing match on Thursday.

Malual was arrested and handed over to the traditional chief to take care of him while investigation continues.

“The person who boxed his friend in the football ground will not be sentenced to prison because he is a 14-year- old boy,” said Mayiel.

Last Month the Koch County Commissioner ordered suspected murders to pay 120 cows as a death compensation for a person innocently killed.

However, Mayiel said that Malual will not pay the compensation of 120 cows because his case was not premeditated murder.

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