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Photo shows prisoners at Juba Central Prison [Photo by Awan Achiek]

Prisoners with minor offenses in Juba Central Prison to be relocated to farms

Authorities in Juba Central Prison houses have revealed plans to relocate prisoners serving shorter sentences to farms in a bid to reduce congestion.

This was revealed Tuesday by Gen. Henry Kuany, Director of National Prison Services in Juba.

 “The only solution to overcrowding is for the judges to clear the cases, and to also send prisoners with minor crimes to work in the farms,” Kuany told journalists at the Juba Central Prison.

The largest prison accommodates about 2,847 prisoners who live in overcrowded cells with no access to basic health care, sanitation, as well as adequate food and nutrition.

The inmates include men, women, and juveniles though the prison was built to accommodate a maximum of 300 to 500 prisoners.

“We would have transferred some of them to Rumbek and Wau Central Prisons and even these prisons are crowded,” said Kuany.

He called on the government and development partners to construct new facilities to accommodate the increasing number of prisoners.

 “If you see the population and facilities inside the prison, the facilities can’t accommodate this population, and we urge if possible to help us with the construction of new facilities,” said Kuany.

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