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From right to Left Johnson Sereno Omojo the chairperson of Monyiemiji forum, Stephen Namwang Karlo, Spokesperson and Ohuyoro Onyang an executive member during a press statement in Torit Thursday 21 st July 2022

Monyomiji youths distanced selves from raid, Accuse cattle keepers of tactical invasion.

Youths in Eastern Equatoria State under their umbrella body, Monyomiji Forum; have distanced themselves from the accusations by cattle herders in the state on the recent raids.

This comes after several allegations by the Dinka Bor Cattle Herders in the area against the governor and the youths of the state by the Bor Community Youth Association in a press statements.

The raids reportedly resulted to several deaths and injuries.

 “The xenophobic Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Hon Louis Lobong Lojore, again without any shred of decency, on his unjustifiable crusade against the Dinka Bor in Eastern Equatoria”, reads part of a statements released on the 12th July 2022.

In the same pess statemen, the Dinka Bor Community Youth Association also refuted the blame upon their community by the Governor about the recent incidences in Magwi County where three men were abducted and two murdered in cold blood and other similar incidences.

“In his statement, the Governor blatantly blamed the carnage in Nimule on Dinka Bor although facts on the ground out-rightly contradict his sentiment because it is based on no Evidence, the governor blamed the unfortunate killing of Ma’di civilians in Magwi on nonexistence Dinka Bor Cattle Herders in Magwi area,” the press release continues.

 Monyomiji Youths forum on their Thursday response, through their spokesperson Mr. Stephen Namwang Karlo say, they are dismayed and saddened by the allegations Dinka Bor youth Association are putting on them and their leaders.

 “We are dismayed by the false allegations labelled against the Governor of Eastern Equatoria State and  even his removal is uncalled for, because he put effort in hosting and protecting communities including Dinka Bor during 2013and 2016 conflicts in Kapoeta”,he said

The spokesman added that Monyomiji forum is a setting where the youths undertake peace and harmony promotion among the community members, protect their territorial integrity, and fight against all forms of injustices against any groups or individuals in their communities. Engage in promoting Agricultural activities such as farming, cattle keeping for economic growth and development in their area and beyond.

The Forum maintains that, their state is always peaceful and only respond in self-defense and requested for complete evacuation of the Dinka Bor Cattle Herders from the state adding that those who will remain should change and become law–abiding citizens.

 “Dinka Bor should stop indulging in Eastern Equatoria affairs, who are they to choose for us a leader? The fate of our leadership will be decided by our citizens not the Dinka Bor. All lodge and hotel owners in Torit and other parts of Eastern Equatoria should cease from harboring firearms as these are hotspots for crimes,” they contend.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan said there is an increase in the cases of violence at local government level and has urged South Sudan’s national government to address the issue.

Last week, the UN deployed peacekeepers in Kapoeta in Eastern Equatoria State, another area that is experiencing inter-communal conflict.

The UN said the deployment is to try and end the violence.

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