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President Salva Kiir. His government is asking foriegn embassies to cooperate in registering aliens

President Kiir calls on renegade general to return to Juba

By Wek Atak Kajang

President Salva Kiir has called on the deputy head of the breakaway faction of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-in opposition to return to Juba.

Gen. Johnson Olony, a prominent Shilluk army general and member of the SPLA-IO faction led by Gen.Simon Gatwech is still holed up in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum due to his personal fears of returning to Juba despite repeated assurances for his security by officials in Juba.

On Monday, President Kiir met in Juba with Olony’s advance team from his Agwelek forces where he repeated his call for the controversial general to return to the capital.

The SPLA-IO splintered into two factions In August 2021, after some of First Vice President Riek Machar’s military generals declared that they had deposed him as head of the SPLM/A-IO.

The enraged military officers accused Machar of nepotism and lack of strong leadership.

The breakaway SPLM/A-IO under Dual also blamed Machar for weakening the former rebel movement’s hand in the transitional unity government formed in February 2020.

Olony’s advance team assured President Kiir that they intend to travel to Khartoum to deliver his message to Gen. Olony and the Shilluk King.

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