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UJOSS elects Chondok Stephen Magei as coordinator in Unity State

The Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) on Thursday conducted elections in Bentiu, Unity State electing Chondok Stephen Magei as its state branch coordinator/Chairman.

 27 journalists voted in the elections, Magei emerged as a winner with 14 votes defeating Luk Riek Nyak who obtained 12 votes and one vote was invalid.

Speaking to journalists during the elections in Bentiu town, the Director General at Unity State Ministry of Information Mut Chieng assured the new leadership of the safety of journalists in the state.

“I am happy and I congratulate you all. We as the government of the state want to assure you that your safety is the priority of the government. The journalists should have no fear in this state, there will be no form of harassment. Things will go well as we will be cooperating with you. The state government is really happy since the president of the Union of Journalists came to the state and we recognize your presence in this hall today. The ministry of information is the concerned ministry you should cooperate with in the state,” Chieng stated.

For his part, Oyet Patrick Charles, UJOSS president, urged the new leadership to work together with the team that lost in the elections to bring harmony among UJOSS members in the state.

“Let us work together. As I told you earlier in Juba we work together with the team that we contested with and I think you should do the same. We will try our best to support you. The next training is on the 4th of July and we expect all of you to come and we expect the number to be big,” Charles said.

In his statement after the declaration of the results, Chondok calls for unity among journalists in the state.

“Let us put our ethics into practice and let us get united instead of being divided. I know there was no division and conflict among us before, but it is only that if elections come, there will be that small difference because of the leadership. But if people come up and need positions, that means they have interest to serve the union. It is not because so and so were bad or so and so were good. Let us put our hearts under one united team and umbrella of the union,” Mr. Magei echoed.

During the eloections, Yien Gattuor was elected as UJOSS Secretary General during an exercise which saw him and Aliza Nyaboth drew several times until the two candidates were given a probability chance to select between yes and no that brought Yien into the office as branch Secretary General.

While, Nyakuma Maguek Gai was elected as the branch treasurer in Unity State. Ms. Gai defeated Beding Kuol Thiech and Gatiek Tap.

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